Travel to Harbour Island

Harbor Island

Harbor Island is an island in the Bahamas which is located north of Eleuthera Island. It is a small island with an area of ​​4 km2. As a result, the island is home to only a small population with around 1,700 people. The island has a main settlement which is Dunmore Town, which has a prosperity caused by the shipbuilding, but also the sugar industry. And that in the 1800s. Harbor Island is one of the districts of the island of Bahamas.


The island is a real attraction for tourists and travelers looking for luxury places to rest and relax. Indeed, Harbor Island has a concentration of luxury hotels. These hotels will be able to welcome visitors in a domain and a comfortable and luxurious environment to flourish. At the same time, the island also has some very pretty lavish beaches with pink sand. These beaches can accommodate tourists from all over the world to visit, the Bahamas Island in general, but also Harbor Island in particular.

Pink Sands Beach

Pink Sands Beach is a beach on Harbor Island that is made of beautiful pink sand. It is a very calm and relaxing beach for swimming and relaxation. In addition, we can see some fish for snorkeling.

Princess Street Gallery

It is an art gallery where very pretty and pleasing to the eye works of art are exhibited.

Gaulding Cay Beach

Gaulding Cay Beach is an ideal beach for swimming. If you stay close to the beach, relaxation is very pleasant with this wonderful beach. The beach is almost always deserted, which will make your hours of relaxation pleasant moments of solitude and well-being. There is also the advantage of diving with family, friends or as a couple.

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