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Barbados is a microstate located in the Caribbean Sea bordering the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The total area of ​​Barbados is 430 km2. Its density is the highest in America. It has a low altitude with Mount Hillaby which is the highest point in Barbados. The main economic activity of the country is tourism.


The name of the island comes from the explorer Pedro A. Campos who named the island "the bearded one", and that in 1536. With these long roots the name of Barbados is inspired by what appeared to the explorer. Barbados was under British rule for three centuries. In 1819 a slave revolt broke out and caused a great massacre with brutality that caused a reaction from the abolitionists.

Language and religions

The official language of Barbados is English which is used in communication and in administration. There is also a local dialect variant called "Bajan" which is used and taken from British English. For the dominant religion of the island, it is Christianity with a Protestant majority.

Political organization

The island of Barbados is a multi-party parliamentary monarchy. It has enjoyed its independence since 1966. It is the United Kingdom that is the sovereign with Queen Elizabeth II as Queen and the British Prime Minister exercises executive power. The island has a Governor General who represents the Kingdom on the island.


The culture of Barbados is marked by a colonial past with its share of benefits and consequences. But Barbados has an extraordinary culinary wealth with local fish dishes. Fish is the basis of the most famous dishes of Barbados and that is why fishing is so highly developed there. There is also a good base of animal meat which is also very developed there.

Barbados also has an excellent musical culture with British music and traditional music as well as traditional music. These influences give him a variety of musical culture rich enough to discover.

The good places on the island to visit

The notoriety of Barbados is undoubtedly especially in terms of tourism with beaches and places to take your breath away. Among these places we can mention:


It is a small fishing village which is very peaceful and pleasant for relaxation. And that with meetings in the evening in lights and board games.

Saint James

It is a beautiful coastal town which is very popular. It gives an extraordinary view with feelings of well-being. A magnificent and suitable place for a vacation.

Saint Peter

It is a place where you can relax, but also take wonderful walks and discoveries.


Capital which gives English airs where partying is a routine. It is very rich in history with its colonial past, but also very active economically. This is one of the places to visit in Barbados.

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