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A trip to Belize takes you to both Central America and the Caribbean! Formerly called British Honduras, Belize is both English and Spanish. Its capital is Belmopan, one of the least populated capital cities in the world with only a little over 13,000 inhabitants! It replaced Belize City, which was devastated by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Belize City remains the most important city, nevertheless, built in the 17th century by British lumberjacks. Unfortunately, the regular passage of hurricanes also takes its toll on historic monuments. Still standing, in defiance of the storms, are the Swing Bridge, the Government House Museum, Haulover Creek, and St. John's Cathedral.

Escaping at the last minute to a hotel in Belize is to leap headfirst into Mother Nature. Indeed, three-quarters of the national area is covered by lush rain forest. In the interior are the Maya Mountains, whose highest peak is Mount Victoria at 1,225 metres. Expeditions into these virtually virgin lands will remind you of Indiana Jones in pursuit of pre-Columbian Mayan heritage. The state is trying to preserve a large part of this virgin forest by creating and defining natural parks and protected areas. Nature lovers will be delighted by this diverse fauna and immensely dense flora.

All-inclusive packages offer accommodation in Belize on the Caribbean coastline. The local population is known for its warm welcome and hospitality. The activities are many and varied, from scuba diving to exploring the coral reefs to hiking in the jungle. You will want to taste the fish and seafood that adorn the tables.

Plan your trip to Belize outside the hurricane season and enjoy exceptional archaeological sites not on the tourist circuit!

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