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Cartagena is a Colombian city and capital of Bolivar. It is a port city that sits by the Caribbean Sea, on the country's northern coast. Cartagena's population is approximately 1,075,000.


It was on June 1, 1533 that the city of Cartagena was founded by the conquistador Pedro de Heredia. It has enjoyed great prosperity with the export of emeralds, gold and other riches. It was a commercial port for ships going from Peru to Cuba. In 1552, Cartagena was reduced to ashes and was deeply destroyed. The construction of buildings with materials other than rocks, bricks and stones was henceforth prohibited by Heredia.

Cartagena also attracted pirates and suffered several attacks for this purpose. To counter these attacks, forts and a wall were built around the city.


The population of Cartagena, like that of Colombia in general, is very diverse. We find African and Spanish descendants there as well as a large number of crossbreeds. The official language is Spanish which is spoken by almost the entire population. The predominant religion is Christianity, more particularly the Roman Catholic faith. There are Protestant groups, evangelists, Pentecostals, etc.

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The historic center is not a place to be missed. It has several squares, magnificent architecture, rich remains as well as colorful alleys. You can also go to the fortress Castillo San Felipe de Barajas which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also take a tour of the bohemian Getsemani district with its colonial-style streets. It has many shows and bars. The Cartagena Historical Museum is also a place to visit. It is located in Plaza Bolívar, within the former Palace of the Inquisition.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

To fully enjoy Cartagena, a minimum stay of 7 days is recommended, especially since a package package for this number of days will be offered from Quebec with a direct flight, land transfers and all-inclusive accommodation.
In high season (January to April), a direct flight with Air Transat from Montreal to Cartagena is offered on demand, otherwise with a connection for most airlines. It is also possible to get there by cruise ships that provide the destination on some of their itineraries.
You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating well in Cartagena; Montmartre, French restaurant, Quebracho, Brazilian restaurant, caffé Lunatico, fusion cuisine, La Girolata, Italian, La Catedral, local Colombian cuisine, El Arsenal, outdoor terrace, La Picua, Caribbean cuisine, and many others!
Cartagena lives intensely in the present, and hosts major international events. The Hay International Music Festival in January, the International Film Festival in March, the national beauty contest in November, the Bocagrande area for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping, and the cruise port which attracts many many liners each year.
The best time to visit Cartagena is between January and April, when the chances of precipitation are very minimal.
The most beautiful beaches in Cartagena are those of the Rosary Islands, Baru and San Bernardo
Visiting the historic center of Cartagena will give you the impression of being transported to the 19th century. The Clock Tower, the Church of San Pedro Claver, the lively square of Santo Domingo, bars, restaurants and the Portal de los Dulces to taste the typical sweets of Cartagena.
Diving enthusiasts will be privileged by going to Baru, to discover the beauties and the colors of the underwater life of the Colombian Caribbean. Whether for cultural tourism, adventures, nautical activities, and to discover an elaborate gastronomy, Cartagena offers an unforgettable experience!
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