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San Andrés is an island in the archipelago of San Andrés, Santa Catalina and Providencia in Colombia. It is also the largest island in the archipelago with an area of ​​26km2. It is a highly coveted destination for its beautiful sandy beaches with coconut palms, transparent waters, large hotel facilities and department stores.


San Andrés Island made its first appearance on a Spanish map in 1527. The first English arrived there in 1628. The island was declared a free port in 1953. It concentrates almost 90% of the population of the archipelago and is a commercial and tourist town.


The main language spoken in San Andrés is Spanish. However, English, religion as well as architecture were integral elements of the island's culture. It was about the Raizal culture of the Afro-Caribbean ethnic group. Today, there is a mix of Anglo-Caribbean and Latin American culture on the island. There are also the peoples of the Middle East and the Chinese who live there as a minority. Regarding religion, the island population is predominantly Protestant. There are other religious groups such as Jews, Roman Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists and Muslims.

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You can go to Johnny Cay Island where you will find restaurants, palm trees and a white sand beach. Cayo Bolivar Island is also a beautiful island ideal for attractions, swimming, sunbathing, etc. A short trip to Saint Luis beach is also a must in the city. It is also the most beautiful beach on the island and is distinguished by its wooden houses. The natural aquariums of Cayo Acuario and Haynes Cay are beautiful places with walls covered with corals. You can admire a wide variety of fish with magnificent colors and shapes. The color of the water is also impressive.

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