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El Jobo (Costa Rica)

El Jobo is a region of Guanacaste which is on the border with Nicaragua and in the least touristy area of ​​Costa Rica. In terms of tourism, this is a region that has a lot to offer. Guanacaste is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. In fact, it is the least populated province in Costa Rica.


El Jobo is a region known for its musical wealth. Major works are being carried out in this direction. With its Spanish culture, in the province of Guanacaste, there is also a rich history.

Activities to do in El Jobo

Being a small town, there are no big hotels in El Jobo, but there are lodges that can handle your comfort. So there is a list of things you can do in this city as a tourist.

Manzanillo Beach

An absolutely favorable place for fishing. Fishermen live there and make it their main activity. By the beach, an excursion and a family walk are excellent activities. You can also play sports. During the holidays, there is no better place.

Rajada beach

At this beach, you can see fine sand and pleasant fresh water for swimming, but also for a tan with the family or as a couple. Moreover, it is a very popular place in the region by tourists who come from everywhere to contemplate this wonder.

Las Pilas beach

Las Pilas beach is also a very popular beach with its colors where orange accentuates this spectacle. Minutes from the beaches of Rojada, it offers both comfort and discovery in summer. With the shapes of the rocks, there is no better place to take pictures.

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