Travel to Islita


Punta Islita is a seaside resort that includes several secluded beaches in the township of Nandayure in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. It houses the Punta Islita hotel which was designed by Ronald Zürcher in 1990. It is a hotel that has many uses for the city and that in the field of tourism, culture and many more. The village has very specific house structures and mosaic colors to the delight of visitors.


Punta Islita has a developed tourism sector with the visits of several visitors and tourists every year for relaxation. The development of this sector is due to the fact that the sites of Punta Islita are attractive and allow to flourish during the holiday periods.

Punta Islita Hotel

We can't talk about Islita without talking about its famous hotel which welcomes visitors from all over the world. In the hotel you can have an exceptional view with a swimming pool. It is a hotel that can welcome you and allow you to stay comfortably for a pleasant vacation.

Camaronal Wildlife Refuge

The Camaronal Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife refuge that was created for the protection of marine turtle nesting sites. It is a refuge where you can observe turtles in their natural habitat with multitudes of discoveries about their way of life and their situation.

Islita beach

Playa Islita is a beach that is an ecological paradise where you can commune with nature. With fine sand and crystal clear waters, the beach welcomes tourists from all over the world for better relaxation. Several activities can be done there, especially sports and games. And yet, the beach also offers great tranquility. It is for this reason that tourists particularly adore it.

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