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Jàco Beach

Jàco is a city in Costa Rica located on the Pacific coast in the Province of Puntarenas which is about a hundred kilometers from the capital San José. Jàco is a city that is very developed in terms of tourism. And this especially with a range of km. Jàco Beach is a world famous beach wonder. The city has a population of 15,441 inhabitants and also an area of ​​140 km2.


Apart from the beach, the town of Jàco has a national refuge of Playa Hermosa. This refuge aims to protect the Kemp turtles, which is an endangered species. And this since 1970 with other species which are in the same situation as the turtles. There is also the Carara National Park which is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Costa Rica.

Activities to do at Jàco beach

With a beach of 4 km, several activities can be carried out there. Indeed, the beach is very famous with the surfers who come there every year mainly from America.

Walk along the beach

A completely romantic way to bring your love to life. A walk along a beach like Jàco Beach is a great activity for young couples.


A lot of sporting activities can be carried out in this beach, but surfing remains the most famous. Indeed, international athletes come to Jàco Beach to have a climate and a suitable beach for surfing activity. The notoriety of the beach is linked to this practice.

Tortuga Island

Among the most beautiful panoramic views. The island provides access to fine sand and pleasant for walking and getting away from it all. It is for this reason that it is very visited by tourists.

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Jaco Beach, located less than two hours from San José, is a city known for its dynamism, its aquatic activities such as surfing, its very lively evenings, its beaches, its catering, its liveliness and the possibility of stays in all-inclusive formula. included.
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