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Tambor is a city in Costa Rica which is located in the part of the Nicoya Peninsula which is located in the Province of Puntarenas. The city began with an economy mainly dominated by fishing, but now tourism has taken over what is currently the notoriety of the city. Tambor rests on a valley that is shaped like a horseshoe. It is a small seaside town with a calm atmosphere for relaxation.

Visits to do

In a city like Tambor a lot of activities can be carried out there, and that with the most pleasant of comforts.

Aquatic activities: sport and fishing

On the shore and the beach, sports activities can take place there whether you are a family or a couple. There is also swimming and beach soccer as sports to be carried out. Fishing is also an excellent activity which is very popular in Playa Tambor. And this in the Gulf of Nicoya.

 The beach

As in many cities of Costa Rica, the activities on the beach of Playa Tambor are very advantageous. Indeed, with an excellent view of the sea, family walks are still pleasant. With a good sunny climate, sunbathing during the summer is one of the favorite activities of visitors.

Curu Wildlife Refuge

Among the must-see places in Playa Tambor, Curu Wildlife Refuge gives a good experience for visitors. Le Curu is one of Nicoya's hot spots. It stretches over 1,496 hectares and this through mangroves, beaches, rivers, and estuaries. It is the refuge of several species of birds.

In Tambor, all the sites are made to combine discovery and comfort, with access to the sea. In a climate which is also pleasant for your activities during the holidays.

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Playa Tambor, located in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, is renowned for its gray sand beaches, calm waters and the beauties of its marine world.
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