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Puntarenas is the capital of the province of Puntarenas located in Costa Rica. It is generally called the perla del pacifico (pearl of the pacific) or el puerto (the port). It is indeed the most important port in the country.


According to records, Puntarenas was first used as a port in May 1765. It was the owner of the farm now known as "El Palmar" who was thus the first user. However, the first customs were established in 1797. Puntarenas was declared as the main port of Costa Rica before the latter's independence in 1821. Puntarenas was subsequently proclaimed Puerto Mayor in September 1815. Puntarenas was declared in 1858 was declared as a city.


There are many cultural events taking place in the city. There is the Monteverde Coffee Tour which involves visiting and learning about the plantations as well as the coffee making process. The Monteverde Music Festival is also an event that takes place during the first months of the year. Many groups of musicians come to perform.

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Puntarenas Lighthouse

It is 14 meters high and has a range of up to 24 km. A magnificent beach has been built around the lighthouse with a pleasant atmosphere.

Parque Marino Del Pacifico

It is the only theme park in Costa Rica. There are around fifty species of coastal and marine animals. Its aquarium is one of its biggest attractions. You will find sea turtles, seahorses, clownfish, etc.

The village of Montezuma

Very popular for its bohemian atmosphere, this village is distinguished by its friendly and talented inhabitants. You can stroll through the colorful streets and visit the many small stalls there. The village also has hotels and restaurants.

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The beach and the sun attracts an all-inclusive clientele in Puntarenas, its tourist sector being highly developed. The peninsular sector also includes other tourist centers such as Tambor, Montezuma and Santa Teresa. It is a destination par excellence for nature excursions in protected areas, insular and continental.
The Monteverde Biological Reserve is the premier attraction in Puntarenas, known internationally for its conservation efforts and its respectful lifestyle. The beach and the sun attracts an all-inclusive clientele, its tourist sector being highly developed.
Mirador Barramar, Los Toneles and La Isla Coco's Bar and Grill can be cited as good places to eat in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
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