Travel to San José

Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica

The Costa Rican capital of San Jose is located in the country's most populated area, known as the Central Valley. Volcanoes, lush forested foothills, and coffee plantations surround the city. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the many opportunities to explore its natural riches.

The architecture in the heart of the city was inspired by its European settlers who developed their own Costa Rican style. San Jose was founded in the 18th century and has several interesting museums. The Gold Museum in Culture Square, in the basement of the Central Bank, offers visitors a view of pre-Columbian objects and a numismatic collection. The Jade Museum displays pottery and gold and jade jewellery. The National Museum, built in 1948, traces the history of the country and is home to the incredible Spirogyra Butterfly Garden.

In the old neighbourhoods of San Jose, hotels await you. You can look forward to discovering the Amon, the Otoya, and the Soledad, where old wooden houses of different colours await you. Enjoy the ambience of the pedestrian street of Avenida with its inviting shops. For the local gastronomy, the central market is the ideal place to enjoy the local fish, fruits, and vegetables.

San Jose temperatures range from 18°C to 25°C, which means you come in any season!

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