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Cuba's Cayo Coco is a very popular destination. Thanks to an all-inclusive package, you can fully enjoy this island linked to the peninsula by a bridge called the pedraplén. At 27 km long, the crossing is easily made using the bus network.

Its 370 square kilometres are ideal for sunbathing, deep sea fishing trips, and water sports. It has long stretches of heavenly beaches of fine white sand. The clear waters are coloured turquoise blue just to charm you while the shallow stretches of the Caribbean Sea invite you for a swim or a snorkel!

During your all-inclusive holidays, you have the chance to stay in the high quality hotels of Cato Coco. From the Blau Colonial Cayo Coco to the Sol Cayo Santa Maria, and including the Villa Cojimar, you will have a wonderful and comfortable stay. Live next to abundant vegetation and observe, unseen, the behaviour of pink flamingos and pelicans. The region around Caya Coco is full of restaurants and cultural attractions. Hiking trails are a perfect way to discover the local fauna and flora. Take the kids to a surprise visit to the dolphinarium located in the area set aside for the marina on the neighbouring island of Cayo Guillermo.

The Cojimar Club and the Sol Cayo Coco await you for a memorable trip to Cuba. Dive into a universe where relaxation is high on the agenda.

Unforgettable Excursions in Cayo Coco, Cuba: Explore the Beauty and Diversity of the Island

Cayo Coco, a jewel of the Caribbean, is not just about its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. This paradisiacal island is also full of natural treasures, captivating stories, and unforgettable adventures waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or an explorer eager for new experiences, Cayo Coco offers a multitude of excursions that will take you to the heart of the island's beauty and diversity. Here are some of the most popular excursions not to be missed during your stay in Cayo Coco:

Exploration of the Marshes: Safari to Discover the Fauna and Flora

Embark on an exciting adventure in the marshes of Cayo Coco during a thrilling excursion that will allow you to discover the richness of the local fauna and flora. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will traverse spectacular landscapes where lush mangroves, crystalline lagoons, and dense tropical forests coexist. Marvel at the diversity of species that inhabit these unique ecosystems, from majestic flamingos to fascinating Cuban crocodiles. An immersive experience that will plunge you into the heart of Cayo Coco's pristine nature.

Underwater Diving and Snorkeling: Explore the Seafloor of Cayo Coco

Discover the hidden wonders of the crystal-clear waters surrounding Cayo Coco during a scuba diving or snorkeling excursion. With its spectacular coral reefs and exceptional marine biodiversity, the island offers an ideal playground for diving enthusiasts of all levels. Explore stunning dive sites where you can swim alongside colorful tropical fish, majestic turtles, and perhaps even a peaceful nurse shark. An unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover the magic of Cayo Coco's underwater world.

Visit to Historical Sites: Dive into the Fascinating Past of the Island

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Cayo Coco during a guided tour of the island's historical sites. Explore ancient ruins dating back to the time of the island's first inhabitants, discover iconic monuments that bear witness to Cuba's tumultuous history, and delve into fascinating anecdotes that will transport you through time. Visit sites such as the Cayo Coco lighthouse, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the island, or the La Cueva Del Jabali museum, which houses an impressive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts. An enriching cultural experience that will help you better understand the soul and identity of Cayo Coco.

Catamaran Adventure: Sail towards the Horizon and Explore the Neighboring Islands

Embark on a catamaran adventure that will take you to discover the neighboring islands of Cayo Coco. Sail on crystal-clear waters and admire the breathtaking panoramas as you head towards exotic destinations such as Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Romano, or Cayo Paredon Grande. Enjoy activities such as snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, or simply relaxing on the secluded beaches of these preserved islands. An enchanting experience that will allow you to discover the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean from a unique perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Playa Pilar beach which is located at the northwest end of the island of Cayo Guillermo is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. On site there is a restaurant and a nautical equipment rental center. She is even the inspiration of the American writer, Ernest Hemingway for one of his novels, Playa Pilar. If you want to shop, Plaza Hemingway and Plaza Los Flamenco are shopping and entertainment centers where you will find other services than those offered in your hotels at very affordable costs. For thrill seekers, the Rocarena is a huge climbing and zipline circuit that was inaugurated in May 2015. It is right next to the Sol Cayo Coco hotel. Several other attractions are available to you such as the dolphinarium, wild boar cave, horseback riding on the beach and El Baga National Park.
Cayo Coco is a cay of Jardines del Rey located in northern Cuba which is itself part of a larger chain of islands comprising around 2,500 islets. Cayo Coco is part of the province of Ciego de Avila. The name given to the island comes from a rare species of bird that lives there, the white ibis that Cubans call Coco.
It all depends on the type of beach you prefer. Cayo Santa Maria is known for its miles of mealy white sand while Cayo Coco is mostly made up of beaches with beautiful vegetation. There are more recent hotels in Cayo Santa Maria. However, it takes around 1.5 hours to drive from the airport to the seaside resort. On the Cayo Coco side, allow about 15 minutes between the airport and most of the island's hotels.
The two Cayos are located at a distance of more or less 32km from each other. They are part of a chain of islands called Archipelago Jardines Del Rey. Cayo Coco is renowned for its miles of white sand beaches, shallow, calm and crystal clear waters, peaceful atmosphere and natural surroundings. Connected by a bridge called 'Puente Hemingway', Cayo Guillermo offers the same sandy beaches, activities and sports as Cayo Coco, but mainly the perfect place for the kitesurf enthusiast.
To get to Cayo Guillermo, flights arrive at Cayo Coco airport; flight time is just under 4 hours from Montreal. The land distance to Cayo Guillermo is approximately 15km, more or less approximately 30 minutes. Standard to medium category hotels are offered, all on an all-inclusive basis.
Several activities are offered at Cayo Guillermo, such as snorkeling, the Dolphinarium to swim with dolphins, Kitesurfing, deep sea fishing, the Mangroves of La Redonda lagoon, the beauties of Playa Pilar, the white sandy beaches ,
A distance of more than 257km separates Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Santa Maria, approximately 4 hours by road and 30km as the crow flies. Santa Clara airport serves Cayo Santa Maria and the distance to hotels is approximately 1:30 am; this Cayo offers one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Cuba, which stretches over almost 16km in length. Several hotels are available from standard to high category, all on an all-inclusive basis.
The best all-inclusive hotels in Cayo Coco, category 4 * or 4.5 * are: the Melia Cayo Coco (for adults), the Gran Muthu Imperial (for adults), the Iberostar Selection Playa Pilar (for all), the Pullman Cayo Coco (for everyone), Memories Flamenco Beach (for everyone) and Playa Paraiso (for everyone)
The distance between Cayo Coco airport and Cayo Coco hotels is approximately 20 minutes more or less depending on hotel choice; the distance between Cayo Coco airport and Cayo Guillermo hotels is approximately 40 minutes, more or less depending on the hotel chosen.
Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo offer magnificent beaches of powdery white sand bathed by the crystal clear turquoise waters of a calm sea, along the entire length of the two islets. Playa Pilar on Cayo Guillermo is one of the most spectacular beaches.
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