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Manzanillo is a city in Cuba created in 1784. The municipality of Manzanillo is located in the province of Granma. The city has a population of 97,999. The city of Manzanillo is an important port on the Gulf of Guacanayabo. The city's economy is mainly focused on coffee, sugar, fruits, rice also on livestock.


Created in 1784 with a settlement plundered by the French and that in 1792. And in 1793, a fort was built for the protection of the settlement. It was 1827 that the port was opened for national and international trade. During the Spanish-American War, the port was the site of three battles.

Visits and activities to do

There are several places in the city of Manzanillo where you can do activities and educational tours with family or lovers. The Sierra Maestra mountain is one of those places very rich in history. And that with the history of the revolution of Castro. In this same region, the cultivation of sugar cane is very developed, and this with large fields. In the city of Manzanillo, the airport is the primary destination for visitors from around the world.

The village of Mare Del Portillo is a very visited village. Located in the southern coast of Cuba, it is a warm region that has a favorable climate for excursions and beach trips, especially during summer.

In this region, there are very comfortable hotels where you can stay to better prepare yourself for a good visit to the surrounding towns and villages. La Manzanillo is a city of tranquility, because it provides a very favorable area for a long rest without forcing on the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sierra Maestra (MZO) is Manzanillo International Airport, located 12 km from the city center.
The distance from the airport is approximately 90 minutes depending on the location of the hotel chosen.
Several activities and excursions can be booked on site, such as a jeep adventure or a jeep safari, city tours to nearby villages, horse-drawn carriage tours, sunset cruises, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling or scuba diving, visiting the National Park, and many more.
The area of ​​beaches in Manzanillo de Cuba, Playa Marea del Portillo, stretches for a variable length of 900 meters, sometimes rocky and made of gray volcanic sand; it may be necessary to wear a beach sandal for easier walking when the sand is too hot or less sandy. There is also a very small island of white sand beach near Santiago, Cayo Blanco, which can be visited on excursions.
Manzanillo is located on the southern coast of Cuba, between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Maestra mountain range in the province of Granma.
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