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The city of Santa Clara is a municipality located in Cuba in the Province of Villa Clara where it is the capital. The city of Santa Clara is located 260 km south of Havana. It has an estimated population of 207,963.


The city of Santa Clara was founded in 1689 by the inhabitants of Remedios who fled the coast for fear of attack by pirates. It was in 1958, during the Cuban Revolution, that Che Guevara took the city with the help of part of the population and that with only 300 men to defeat 3000 soldiers of the dictator Batista who were defending the city. It was in this same city that Che was buried thirty years after his death in a mausoleum with other guerrilla lieutenants.

Places and places to discover

There are several places in the city that have historical significance that you can visit and that with real comfort.

The Mausoleum of Che Guevara

It is a funeral complex located in the city where the remains of some of Che's companions are housed during the great Cuban revolution. This historical richness and this revolutionary scope give it a status and a special place for a visit.

Tren Blindado

is a place of memory located in the town of Health Clara. It is both a monument and a museum which is highly prized for its rich history.

Catedral De Santa Clara De Asis

It is a cathedral named after the city rich in history and culture. The cathedral welcomes thousands of visits each year, which offer discovery sessions of the city. You can't miss the cathedral when you go to Santa Clara.

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