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Santiago De Cuba

Santiago is a famous port city in Cuba which is the capital of the Province of Santiago. The Province is located in the southeast of the island of Cuba, 762 km from Havana. The city of Santiago has an estimated population of 515,000. In fact, it is the second largest city in the country after Havana.

Tourism in Santiago

Santiago is a highly developed city in terms of tourism which is one of the main economic activities of the city. The city is the second most important city on the Caribbean island and also the most emblematic city in Cuba. There are several tourist attractions in the city where you can visit and discover many things. Among these places, we can mention ...

Colonial Center of Santiago

The colonial center of Santiago is a center with historical significance and which revolves around Céspedes Park. It is a place where one can learn a lot about the history of the world and of Cuba.

Bocanao Park

Bocanao Park is a biosphere reserve classified among the heritage of UNESCO. The park covers 800 km2 in area and with more than 1800 species of plants and still several endangered species. The park is full of many places of discovery and communion with nature and the environment.

Caridad Del Cobre Basilica

It is a basilica which is located northwest of Santiago. It is the Basilica of the Virgin of Caridad Del Cobre who is a patron saint of Cuba. The place is also a place of pilgrimage where thousands of pilgrims come to meditate. This historical significance gives a quality prestige to the basilica.

Apart from these places, there are others that you can visit with the discovery to do during your stay in Santiago.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Santiago de Cuba being the 2nd largest city on the southeastern coast of Cuba, discover its history, its Afro-Caribbean culture, and its role in the Cuban Revolution. Visit El Morro Fortress, its markets, public beaches, underwater snorkel adventures, hike in Turquino National Park, or take a catamaran ride on the sparkling waters.
The international airport serving Santiago de Cuba is Cuba-Antonio-Maceo Airport (SCU), approximately 7km from the city center.
Santiago de Cuba hotels are offered on an all-inclusive basis, or some with breakfasts only; Hotel Imperial, Hotel Enramadas, Hotel Casa Granda, Hotel Brisas Los Galeones, Club Amigo Carisol Los Corales and Hotel Sierra Mar are some of them.
Santiago de Cuba is located in the southeast of the island of Cuba, between the Sierra Maestra mountains and the Caribbean Sea.
The beach sectors of Santiago de Cuba are all just as different from each other over an area of ​​approximately 215 km. Playa Siboney is the most popular beach with its black sand and transparent waters; Playa Cazonal is a little corner of paradise with its reddish and soft sand, which lends itself well for scuba diving while the exclusive beach of Bella Pluma is the only one of white sand, which contrasts with the blue sea and the mountain green.
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