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Miches is a town located in the province of El Seibo on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a community that lies between the northern slopes of the Eastern Cordillera and the southern shore of Samanà Bay. It is an emerging rural community with limited market access. Economically, the city is not that rich, but is developing thanks to local fishing, but also with its population growth. In addition, agricultural activity is also present in the city. The name of Miches is in homage to the Dominican general, Eugenio Miches.


Being a not very rich region, the economic activities are not very numerous, but the population manages to have satisfaction of these activities. Along with the cultivation of rice, coconut, cocoa and in addition to the breeding of cattle, artisanal fishing, and small businesses are, among others, the main economic activities of the region. In addition to this, there is tourism which is beginning to experience some progress with tourist visits.


In terms of tourism, Miches has considerable tourism potential. With its beaches and its regular coasts give all the means to the city to develop its tourism. Thus, there are several places and beaches to visit in the city. There is also the construction of new roads, but also new restaurants and cabins in addition to the boats. This will allow the town of Miches to become a real tourist hub.

Places to visit

There are beautiful beaches and places to visit in the city. This is the case of the natural scientific reserve or the Playa Costa Esmeralda or even Emerald Bay Beach. These sites are attractive and rich in discovery and relaxation.

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Michès is a town located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic, between the slopes of the eastern cordillera and the southern shore of the bay of Samana.