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The Dominican Republic is a magical destination for any traveller. Once in Puerto Plata, you will discover charming white sand beaches, local flora and fauna, and impressive mountains overlooking the coast. Staying in a hotel in Puerto Plata, you'll have easy access to the nightlife, which is based around songs, musical instruments, and dancing. There are many great hotels. For example, the Puerto Plata Riu Bachata, the Riu Merengue Puerto Plata, the Riu Mambo Puerto Plata, and the Playa Dorada.

Tourist are very welcome here. There are also a wide variety of attractions, from windsurfing to hiking or horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving, or simply sunbathing. For children, the Ocean World Adventure Park is synonymous with unforgettable memories.

A trip to the Dominican Republic is ideal for recharging your batteries in peaceful surroundings and a sunny climate. You could opt for a Dominican Republic all-inclusive package to ensure a quiet and serene stay. Boating enthusiasts can even rent a catamaran for an outing in turquoise waters with a delicious lobster lunch on board!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Quebec is at standard time there is no difference and no lag with the Dominican Republic. When Quebec is in daylight saving time, a delay of one hour is to be expected.
Average temperatures in Puerto Plata vary between 19 and 28 degrees C. at the beginning of the year (January, February, March) and at its hottest, during the summer months, that is from May to September the temperatures can rise up to 32 degrees C.
For the beauty of its sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea and the variety of hotel categories, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the best choice; For the windsurfing and surfing activities offered by the Atlantic Ocean and the variety of excursions offered outside the resorts, Puerto Plata is the preferred destination.