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San Salvador is a city in El Salvador which is the second most populous city in Central America. It is the capital of the Republic of El Salvador and the capital of the department of San Salvador. The city is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. It is located in the Valley of the Hammocks and at the foot of the Volcano of San Salvador. It has an area of ​​72.25 km2.


The origins of the city of San Salvador can be traced back to pre-Columbian times. The place where the city is located is the capital of the Kingdom of Cuzcatlàn who are the descendants of the Toltecs in Mexico City. Then there was the arrival of the Spaniards and then they left. During the colonial period, the city was an administrative center.

San Salvador's landmarks

Being the capital of Salvador, San Salvador is a very visited city because of its many tourist sites.

Monument to the Divine

The monument is a monumental sculpture which is located in Plaza Salvador. The monument depicts Jesus Christ standing on a globe placed atop a pedestal. The monument constitutes an identity for this locality and a conform religious symbol.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Savior of San Salvador

It is a headquarters building of the Archdiocese of San Salvador. It is a cathedral which has symbolic and religious significance for the region. Pope John Paul II even took refuge there.

National Palace

It is the current Salvador National Palace. The administrative building is an architectural marvel which is much visited. The palace has four main rooms and 101 secondary rooms. It replaces the old national palace which was destroyed by fire.

Libertad Plaza

Liberty Square is located in the historic center of the city of San Salvador. It gives a nice view with the brightness at night.

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