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Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and also the largest city in the country. It is made up of two parts namely the historic city and the new Kingston. It is located in the south of the USA and its population is mainly English speaking. It is in Kingston that you will find Jamaica's most visited site, the Bob Marley Museum. It is the last residence of the legendary artist who has become a world heritage. Other reggae stars and music in general hail from this city and you will have the opportunity to learn about their history and journey.


Kingston is a city that was founded almost 400 years ago in 1693. Its creation was followed by a major earthquake that damaged the old metropolis of the main port of Port Royal. This caused waves of migration, a process which culminated in the destruction of Port Royal by fire in 1703. It had to welcome many wealthy traders thanks to the opportunities it offered. It housed its first university in 1736 named Wolmers, and is home to an opera house known as the Ward Theater.

The unavoidable

While staying in Kingston, there are some sites you cannot miss.

Bob Marley Museum

This is Bob Marley's last residence which is located at 56 Hope Road in Kingston. If you are a music lover, especially reggae, or just a fan of the artist and his lyrics, you should find out. In addition, there are a dozen other museums to discover.

Devon House

It is a two-storey mansion built in 1881, reminiscent of what the city was like at that time, an opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's architectural history.

Lime Cay

It is arguably the warmest and bluest water in the Caribbean. You can swim there or take the ferry. It is a white sand beach located just near Norman Manley Airport.   

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