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The Negril resort in Jamaica is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The beaches are fascinating. Discover the golden sands that sparkle with a pristine color in contact with the sun and a warm blue sea. Want to sunbathe, get adrenaline pumping, meet new people, you have come to the perfect place. Between having fun, resting, eating and recharging your batteries, Négril is quite simply a little corner of paradise.

History and Geography

Negril has the longest beach in Jamaica. It is on the western tip of the island. In the early 1970s, it was colonized by hippies. Since then it has undergone a dramatic transformation with a culture of commercial transaction. The ecosystem is protected to safeguard the benefits of tourism as well as a certain security guaranteeing attractiveness. Places of art and history, don't be surprised to attend an impromptu reggae concert. To the north is Seven Mile Beach, which is over four miles long, and the West End to the south.

Activities to do

Seven Mile Beach

It is arguably one of the best beaches in Jamaica. You will have easy access to restaurants, bars and equipment rental stations for various water sports. 6.5 km long, with calm water and immaculate white sand, you will inevitably be seduced.

Rick’s Cafe

You want a warm ambiance worthy of Jamaican tradition. If you want to be rocked by local music, have a drink with friends, and bathe at your leisure, this is the ideal place. As a couple, family or solo, you will be in a unique environment where the sea is accessible by stairs. Taste evening cocktails while enjoying the sunset.

You can also go deep-sea fishing, snorkeling or exploring the meanders of Bloody Bay.

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