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Runaway Bay

It was around the 1960s that the old Cardiff Hall Estate was transformed into a hub of luxury hotels, golf courses and villas. Today it is a real resort that attracts thousands of tourists for its beaches, events and numerous seaside facilities. If you are an adventurer, set out to discover a wonderful city with multiple potentials.

History of the name

The town's name is believed to derive from the fact that it was the point of withdrawal for Spanish soldiers who had withdrawn from English troops under the leadership of Governor Ysassi in the early seventeenth century. For others, it is rather the point of departure for African slaves from inland sugar cane plantations to reach Cuba. In any case, there is always this notion of running away from a painful condition or a painful past. It seems that this tradition has not disappeared at all, for the hills outside Runaway Bay still welcome people who for one reason or another come to take refuge there in order to escape their past.

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Runaway Bay isn't particularly busy, but it is easily accessible via Ochos Rios in the east Montego Bay in the west and other towns. So you can go anytime without hassle. It has beautiful, fairly calm beaches, waterways like the Pear Tree River and caves like the Green Grotto. These are the largest and most accessible on the island, the opportunity to do a little climbing. Their age is estimated at around five hundred thousand years. Its beaches are protected by a gigantic tropical coral reef. Take advantage of your stay to sunbathe on the beach, go hiking and visit the surrounding towns with a welcoming and open-minded population.

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