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The south coast of Jamaica, with gems like Whitehouse, offers an incomparable tourist experience. Located in the parish of Westmoreland, Whitehouse is the third most populous locality in the region, home to nearly 4000 inhabitants. However, what attracts the most attention here is its economic development, especially in the fishing sector, which provides quality seafood throughout the country. But today, Whitehouse has become much more than just a fishing village. Thanks to investments in tourism, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, both locals and foreigners, in search of unique discoveries and adventures.

Geography and Climate

Nestled along the south coast of Jamaica, Whitehouse enjoys a privileged location with its golden sandy beaches and crystalline waters. The tropical climate of the region offers warm and pleasant temperatures throughout the year, ideal for outdoor activities and relaxation under the Caribbean sun.

History and Culture

Although Whitehouse is primarily known for its fishing industry, it also has a rich history and a vibrant culture. By exploring the region, visitors can discover local traditions, enchanting reggae music, and traditional Jamaican crafts. Additionally, the local cuisine is a true culinary experience, with its spicy dishes and fresh seafood.

Whitehouse Beach

Whitehouse Beach is one of the main attractions in the region, with its white sand and turquoise waters protected by a coral reef. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the shore, while nearby hotels and mansions offer luxurious comfort for an unforgettable stay.

Font Hill Beach

Located in a nature reserve between Black River and Whitehouse, Font Hill Beach is a true hidden gem. With its pristine landscapes and peaceful ambiance, it's the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature.

Black River

The Black River is one of the longest in Jamaica, and it's famous for its remarkable biodiversity. Visitors can take a cruise along the river to observe exotic birds, crocodiles, and lush vegetation lining its banks, offering a unique experience.

The south coast of Jamaica, with destinations like Whitehouse, offers a diverse tourist experience that combines nature, history, and adventure. Whether for relaxing on pristine beaches, exploring the region's natural wealth, or discovering authentic Jamaican culture, Whitehouse is a must-visit destination for all travelers in search of discoveries.

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