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Located in the state of Quintana Roo, the Mexican city of Cancun has seen a meteoric rise in its reputation beyond the continent, thanks especially to Cancun Spring Break. Attracting tourists from around the world, Cancun has become – in just a few years – Mexico's most acclaimed tourist destination. It must be said, of course, that the Yucatan peninsula in which the city is located is particularly attractive.

Take note that the weather is going to be really pleasant for your trip to Cancun. Indeed, average temperatures fluctuate between 27° C and 35° C in the summer. As a result, the water is very warm and you could swim forever! Built along a long strip of sand, the city is home to exceptional beaches that successfully marry the clear and turquoise waters of its coastline. Its kilometres of white sand invite you to dive in and explore the seabed. Scuba diving enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the most important coral reefs of the world. Cancun Mexico also offers many sports such as golf, cycling, windsurfing, beach volleyball, kayaking, skiing, etc.

There is no lack of hotels in Cancun, especially since this resort is known for being the first to have democratized the all-inclusive formula! Extended over more than thirty kilometres, the resort offers a wide choice of accommodations. Examples include the Omni Cancun Hotel, Excellence Riviera Cancun, the Dreams Riviera Cancun, the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun, the Now Jade Riviera Cancun, the Oasis Cancun Hotel, the Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, the Hotel Flamingo Cancun Resort, or again, the Desire Resort Cancun.

Near these brand new hotels equipped with all the modern amenities, large shopping centres are available for you. Take the opportunity to buy local produce and cook yourself a meal that reflects the country's image, very spicy! Extend the evening by visiting the many bars and nightclubs that mark Cancun. If you like to party with friends, you certainly will not be disappointed.

For history buffs, the trip to Cancun is an opportunity to visit eco-archaeological theme parks. The city enters fully into the history of pre-Columbian Mexico City since it was the stopover for the Mayan Route, linking northern Mexico to Honduras in Central America. Moreover, several archaeological sites are accessible to tourists to better understand this lost civilization.

Cancun often hosts major international events, such as the fifth conference of the WTO and the Sixteenth International Conference on Climate Change. Every year in spring, the city hosts many American students who come to party at Cancun Spring Break, given broad coverage by the media.

Around the city are many points of interest, such as the Mayan Riviera circuit for observing ancient Mayan ports, today transformed into little bits of paradise. The archaeological zone of Tulum completes the circuit. Finally, to access amazing dive sites, boat over to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

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