Anyone interested in a  trip to Mexico above and beyond the traditional beaches? That's what is waiting for you in Guadalajara, a city in the state of Jalisco on the west coast of Mexico. Here is a short summary of this unusual travel destination that will offer you a wonderful time. 

The Authentic Mexico 

If you haven't yet experienced the real Mexico, with its wild and colourful side, you need to visit Guadalajara. Capital of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is equally the capital of mariachi and tequila, since it is there that the famous drink, recognized around the world, is manufactured. 

Visit the Village of Tequila By Train 

You can visit the village of Tequila to see how the popular drink is made and learn about the region's culture. 

The Tequila Express, which leaves from the  Guadalajara Train Station, will take you on an excursion of one and a half hours. During that time, you will admire fabulous scenery and, once there, enjoy a taste of tequila, ride horses through fields of the agave plant used to make it, and visit the National Museum of Tequila and the Cuervo and de Sauza distilleries. What more could you ask for? A visit to Tequila is an absolute must if you are planning a trip to Guadalajara. 

Mariachi Plaza 

Mexico is synonymous with mariachis and mariachis with Guadalajara. Indeed, to see mariachis and learn more about their history, visit the capital of Jalisco, including Mariachi Plaza, and you will not be disappointed. 

Mariachis are groups of trained musicians made up of violinists, trumpeters, guitarists, and others who play the “vihuela” and “guitarron.” Together, they produce a genre of music called mariachi, which has become a cultural symbol of Mexico. Also known as the “sound of Mexico,” mariachi is a marriage of string instruments, voice, and trumpet. 

Most of the time, mariachi groups are recognizable by their big hats, the colourful costumes that they wear with pride, and their musical instruments they do not hesitate to brandish wherever they go, to the delight of crowds of residents and tourists who go out of their way watch and listen to their concerts. 

In short, if you want to see a mariachi concert, just visit Mariachi Plaza. You can, in addition to hearing classical Mexican music, eat in one of the small restaurants that surround the Plaza, as well as enjoy authentic tequila in the company of Mexicans. This is the perfect place to learn about the local culture and discover the “authentic Mexico.” 

Visit Historical Monuments 

If you are the cultural sort, Guadalajara is for you, since there are also many historical monuments, notably the Guadalajara Cathedral, in the heart of the city, and the Palacio de Gobierno (Palace Government), both of which need to be seen for their spectacular architecture and rich history.