Travel to Riviera Diamante

Riviera Diamante trip

Riviera Diamante is a tourist region that has become a very popular destination. It is located in the southern zone of Acapulco, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It is a popular spot for its sandy beaches as well as the wide variety of hotels suitable for all types of travelers.

The culture of Riviera Diamante

Spanish is the main language spoken in the Riviera Diamante. However, although it is the local language, the English language is also spoken in some resorts. The currency used there is the Mexican Peso (MXN). You can take US dollars or other currency with you and convert when you are at the hotel.

At Riviera Diamante you will find a wide variety of shops. These offer handcrafted souvenirs, gifts, clothing and jewelry.

What to do in the Riviera Diamante?

There are plenty of activities you can do at Riviera Diamante.

Go shopping

As mentioned above, the region has many shops. You can spend your day shopping to find beautiful original objects. It will be an opportunity to buy beautiful souvenirs from the Riviera Diamante.

Explore the beaches of the Riviera Diamante

The golden sandy beaches of the Riviera Diamante make it an excellent tourist spot. These beaches are lined with palm trees and many relaxation areas. You can also sunbathe at these magnificent beaches.

Water sports

A wide variety of water sports allow you to explore the pristine coastline and crystal clear waters of the region. You can also head to the Sierra Madre Del Sur Mountains for panoramic views.

You can also go to discover the culture and culinary specialties of the region. Play golf and explore the region's night life.   

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