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Playa blanca

Playa Blanca is a city in Panama which is known for its tourist attraction. It is a locality which has a temperate and dry climate which gives it the privilege of being very suitable for a vacation with family or lovers. In the city there are long beaches with soft white sand which provide the opportunity for sports and walking.

New airport in Playa Blanca

In recent years, landing in Playa Blanca has been possible without going through Panama City. This is possible thanks to the construction of a new airport. This airport is named after Scarlett Martinez who is the first female airline pilot in Panama. The airport is located in Rio Hato and was inaugurated in 2013.


The city has several tourist places which are very visited during the summer especially because of the good climate of the city. The city is also close to other tourist places in the country such as the Panama Canal or the fortresses of Portobelo. This good geographical location and its favorable climate mean that the city has a dense and highly developed tourist activity.

Hotel attractions

The city of Playa Blanca has built new hotels to better accommodate tourists from all over the world. Indeed, these hotels are of good quality and all this at affordable prices especially if you do not have a lot of money. Some of these hotels include: Sheraton, Hotel Playa Blanca Beach Resort and Riu Playa Blanca.

The long beaches at Playa Blanca

There are long beaches in this locality. The sight of the sea gives immense comfort and it attracts more and more people. Moreover, the notoriety of Playa Blanca comes from these beaches which are suitable for any holiday activity.

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