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Puerto Rico called Puerto Rico in English is an unincorporated free state of the United States. It has Commonwealth status and is located in the Greater Antilles. It is bordered to the south by the Caribbean Sea and to the north by the Atlantic Ocean. Since the 2000s, Puerto Rico has been the only official name for this state.


The history of Puerto Rico before the arrival of Christopher Columbus is not well known enough. However, the first inhabitants who left traces there are hunters and fishermen called Ortoiroides. They belong to the archaic period, because they only developed primitive pottery.

Between AD 120 and AD 400, the Igneris arrived on the island. It belonged to the Arawak tribe and was a more modern civilization than the archaics. The Taino tribe arrived between the 6th and 11th centuries and became the dominant population.

According to the West, it was the explorer Christopher Columbus who discovered Puerto Rico. He thus took possession of it for the crown of Castile. The island was colonized by the Spaniards in 1508 who did not abolish slavery until 1873.

In 1898, the United States invaded Puerto Rico. In November 2012, a referendum was organized by the governor of Puerto Rico. The inhabitants of the island were thus asked to extend the status of a free state until 2020 and to choose the form of state after that date.

A new referendum was announced last May to decide the status of the island. It will be held in November 2020.


The culture of Puerto Rico is influenced by several indigenous and international factors.

Regarding the cuisine, the main dishes of the island are:

Alcapurrias: crab or meat stuffing with fried taro root and banana paste.

Mofongo: green bananas fried and seasoned.

Arroz y Habichuelas: rice and pink beans

Arroz con Gandules: pigeon pea rice with smoked ham and sofrito sauce.

As for Puerto Rican music, it includes African rhythms as well as Spanish instruments.

The two official languages ​​of the island are English and Spanish. However, only 33% of residents are bilingual, as many do not speak English.

The unavoidable

Puerto Rico has many must-see places.

The Bermuda Triangle

A place famous enough for the unexplained disappearances of ships, the Bermuda Triangle always attracts curious tourists. It is a maritime surface located between the tip of Puerto Rico, the Bermuda archipelago and the east coast of Florida. Christopher Columbus had reported several disturbing accounts of unexplained events that happened to him as he crossed that triangle.

El Valle de la Luna

It is a desert landscape classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is rich in vegetation, animals and fossils. It will be an opportunity to walk in the lunar landscapes and take a look at the geological layers. A visit with a guide is recommended to better discover the secrets of this place.

Also meet in the city of San Juan. It has a seaside resort with turquoise waters and magnificent beaches.

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Several airlines serve San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, with generally connecting flights.
On the island of Puerto Rico, all means of transport can be used, minibuses, rental vehicles, taxis, depending on the trips to be made.
Puerto Rico is an island of the Caribbean and an unincorporated territory of the United States, having as current president, Joe Biden.
The best time to travel to Puerto Rico is between January and the end of March when temperatures are relatively dry; from May to December, it is the rainy season which can sometimes be abundant, without counting the probability of hurricane from June.
The historic center and walled city of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the rainforest of El Yunque, the town of Ponce nicknamed the 'Perla del Sur', the region of Isla Verde for its hotels, its beach bars, and the port of San Juan to admire all the beautiful ships that call there, are some of the visits to be made on the island.
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