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Saint Lucia is a blend of African, French and English heritage. While English is the main language spoken, French patois is nevertheless very widespread there, the result of centuries of colonization. The majority of the population of Saint Lucia is of African descent and largely practices Roman Catholicism. Take advantage of your stay to visit the Pigeon Island National Park Museum which provides all the information on the rich history of the island. The country's national sport is cricket, introduced by the British. The island is predominantly Catholic although the country is considered very religiously tolerant.

History of the island

The island was inhabited by the Arawak Indians two hundred years before our era. She was later taken over by the Caribbean who were often viewed as aggressive and perhaps even cannibals. They named the island Louanalao, which means "island of iguanas". For modern history, Christopher Columbus said he saw Saint Lucia, but did not disembark. It was then the turn of the pirates and their infamous chef, François Le Clerc. He was known for his famous wooden leg and was also nicknamed as well. Marigot Bay has long been a haven for fleeing pirates, who sailed the bay and hid their ship behind the tongue of sand dotted with palm trees. Once the sails were released, the ship became virtually invisible.

A rich and original culture

The culture in Saint Lucia is unique. It is a mixture of influences between indigenous populations, of African or Indian descent. Over time, these influences mingled with French and English domination to create a culture of its own and original. Although English is an official language, the local language is "patois", a Creole dialect heavily influenced by French. Most of the names of places and regions on the island are French. The cuisine, like that of most of the Caribbean islands, is a sweet mix of African, Indian and perhaps English. His dishes contain a lot of spices and local ingredients.

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