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St-Vincent and the Grenadines

Your days in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are spent along the white sand beaches, exploring coral reefs and taking trips to the islands and rural cays of the Grenadines. For sun-kissed streaks of blindingly white sand, head to Saltwhistle Bay or Macaroni Beach. There is a lot to do on the main island of Saint-Vincent. This is where you'll discover Kingstown's bustling Market and the lush greenery on display in the centuries-old Botanical Garden.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a typical Caribbean history, except that it was one of the last places to be colonized by Europeans due to resistance from the natives, who remained extremely proud of their land. . Between invasions and resistance, it grew steadily until it finally claimed independence in 1979. Today, its flagship activities are banana export and tourism.


The exquisite symphonies of Caribbean music wake you up like a distant dream come true in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Steel pan bands are the main traditional production in the region. Calypso, reggae and soca are also popular here. Several events like carnivals and festivals are organized each year. Cricket and football are the passions of the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a legacy left by the British. The dominant language is English, followed by French. Artifacts from Native American groups are on display at the National Museum in the Carnegie Building in Kingstown. Native American, European, East Indian and West African heritages combine to influence an impressive cultural richness. This manifests itself in their language, their dress, their gastronomy, their music.

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Tobago Cays Marine Reserves

It is an uninhabited archipelago that has some of the best underwater sites in Grenadine. The calm, clear waters of secluded cays teem with vivid coral reefs and exotic marine life. In fact, the region has been named a nature reserve to preserve its natural setting. Therefore, yachts are not allowed to anchor there, so you will feel like you've discovered pristine Caribbean waters. You can't help but love.


Perched at the northern end of the Grenadines island chain, Bequia attracts beach lovers and sailors with its golden sands, calm waves and relaxed atmosphere. Head to Port Elizabeth, the picturesque seaside town of Bequia located in the central part of the island, to mark some memories and have a drink. At Easter, sailors flock to Port Elizabeth's scenic waterfront, which faces west, to witness the Easter Regatta, a multi-day event with lively boat races, gourmet presentation and lots of dancing.

Botanical gardens

The lush 20-acre park of St. Vincent has a reputation for being the oldest Botanical Garden in the Western Hemisphere, with roots dating back to 1765. Inside you'll come across a large collection of tropical flora and fauna , from flamboyant, mahogany and breadfruit trees to exuberant parrots. Here you will find the many natural spices from the garden, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, hanging from the branches of ancient trees. You will find the Gardens northeast of Kingstown, near the highway.

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