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Palm island

Small point in the ocean located at the extreme south of the archipelago that makes up Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Île aux Palmiers or Palm Island is a tropical oasis. Formerly known as Prune Island, it has been renamed after the 2,000 palm trees that dot the island. This small island does not have an airport and is a ten minute boat ride from Union Island.

History and Geography

The island is relatively flat, a small peak rises to the south and is framed by white sandy beaches. Casuarina beach is the longest, bordered by coconut palms and fringed palms. It is a beach very popular with boaters. The casual beach bar is open to day visitors. The rest of the islands are private, only accessible to residents of the Palm Island Resort. The island was leased by John and Mary Caldwell to the government on the condition that a resort be built there to provide jobs for locals. The resulting resort is a hideaway in the Caribbean, with luxurious accommodations.

Activities to do

The beautiful Caribbean island is just waiting to be explored. You can have romantic picnics here, throw yourself in the warmest sea, aquamarine, or try kayaking or snorkeling on one of the five idyllic beaches. You can also take a walk, play tennis, admire the sunsets and stars and, of course, watch birds and marine life. Swimming or snorkeling with the turtles is a truly awe-inspiring and memorable experience that you certainly don't want to miss.

Take pictures

As you take in the beautiful scenery around you, take a moment to share this memory with the other special people in your life. Show them how truly beautiful and fabulous the Palm Island is. They will love to see for themselves and share some of that magic with you.

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