Travel to Cayo Coco

Cuba's Cayo Coco is a very popular destination. Thanks to an all-inclusive package, you can fully enjoy this island linked to the peninsula by a bridge called the pedraplén. At 27 km long, the crossing is easily made using the bus network.

Its 370 square kilometres are ideal for sunbathing, deep sea fishing trips, and water sports. It has long stretches of heavenly beaches of fine white sand. The clear waters are coloured turquoise blue just to charm you while the shallow stretches of the Caribbean Sea invite you for a swim or a snorkel!

During your all-inclusive holidays, you have the chance to stay in the high quality hotels of Cato Coco. From the Blau Colonial Cayo Coco to the Sol Cayo Santa Maria, and including the Villa Cojimar, you will have a wonderful and comfortable stay. Live next to abundant vegetation and observe, unseen, the behaviour of pink flamingos and pelicans. The region around Caya Coco is full of restaurants and cultural attractions. Hiking trails are a perfect way to discover the local fauna and flora. Take the kids to a surprise visit to the dolphinarium located in the area set aside for the marina on the neighbouring island of Cayo Guillermo.

The Cojimar Club and the Sol Cayo Coco await you for a memorable trip to Cuba. Dive into a universe where relaxation is high on the agenda.