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Colombia is what you might call a melting pot. The population is rich and diverse. We find descendants of Spaniards, Africans, Amerindians and several crossbreeds between these peoples. The descendants of Africans found there often come from the Caribbean Islands and the Pacific coast. These people of immeasurable cultural wealth have a rich history and must-see sites to make the most of your visit. In 2020, it is in the top 10 in the world ahead of several tourism giants. This is because of the security and confidence it gives travelers, along with great sites to visit, great people to meet, and exciting cultures to experience.

History and Geography

Colombia is a country in the far north of South America. Its territory is dotted with tropical forests and coffee plantations. Its capital is Bogotá. Its history begins 20,000 years ago with various Amerindian civilizations, the most prominent of which is the Chibcha tribe. When Christopher Columbus discovered America, it was she who dominated the center of the country. It was colonized by Spain which gave it the name of New Granada. It was during this period that the present capital Bogotá was established, more precisely in 1538. It was also during this period that many Native Americans were slaughtered. Between political setbacks and popular revolts, Colombia has managed to preserve its cultural beauty and the warmth of its welcome.


On the denominational level, Colombia is made up of 93% of Catholics and the rest is divided between Protestants and other communities. It should also be noted that traditional religion is still present through a kind of religious syncretism. Its official language is Spanish spoken by more than 95% of the population. The majority of the population is Métis which is a considerable wealth. It is made up of 20% Caucasians, 14% Mulatos, 4% Blacks, 3% Zambos and 2% Indians. For the latter people, there are a few isolated small groups who do not even speak Spanish and live in autarky. This ethnic diversity is more localized in the Amazon rainforest.

The unavoidable

When you are in Colombia, there are places that you certainly do not want to forget to visit before the end of your stay. Among them is Medellin, the city of eternal spring surrounded by mountains, with a stable temperature of 24 degrees throughout the year. It is also called the city of flowers. There is a very friendly and warm atmosphere. It is the ideal place for those who want to have fun and let off steam through the many festivals and other cultural events. We also have Cali, the night owl town that never sleeps. It is the hub of salsa, located in western Colombia. If you are a fan of salsa, give it a try. We can also mention the walled city, Cartagena de Indias which is one of the most emblematic cities of Colombia. You will be seduced by its long walls, its colors, its history and its atmosphere.

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