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Trip to Cayo Largo

If you want a relaxing holiday in the sun on some of the best beaches in the world, with endless expanses of crystal-clear turquoise water, then Cayo Largo, Cuba, is your destination. 

25 Kilometres of White Sand

Indeed, with 25 kilometres of white sand, this small island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea – part of the Archipelago Canarreos – is the ultimate destination for lovers, families, or single people in search of tranquility, intimacy, or romance. 

That is what you'll find if you decide to take a trip to Cayo Largo, since besides tourists and Cuban workers, the island is practically uninhabited. 

Indeed, this little corner of paradise has remained natural despite the all-inclusive resorts that were erected to accommodate the many tourists who visit the island each year. 

Scuba Diving Paradise 

Besides the breathtakingly beautiful blue beaches, people go to Cayo Largo for the scuba diving. The destination offers a number of sites ideal for this activity, including several underwater caves containing a wealth of protected species, particularly near Punta Frances. There, you can admire the colourful corals and tropical fish enjoying, like you, the clear water. You won't soon forget the experience. 

Wildlife Appreciation 

People also go to Cayo Largo to admire the wildlife. Indeed, Cayo Largo offers a multitude of exotic species such as the pink flamingo, turtle, iguana, and many tropical birds. Nature lovers: this little limestone island, reserved exclusively for tourists, is full of marvels just for you! Bon voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

From Montreal, a direct flight to Cayo Largo is a little less than 4 hours, depending on flight speed and weather conditions, covering a distance of approximately 2,752 km.
Cayo Largo's pristine beaches, turquoise waters suitable for swimming, snorkeling, the sea turtle rescue center (formerly known as the Turtle Farm), parachute jumping, scooter or four-wheeler rides to explore the island, are some of the activities offered.
Cayo Largo is the ideal destination for customers who prefer a natural, peaceful environment with a friendly, simple and relaxed atmosphere. The ranges marked 'Clothing Optional' are clearly defined. Playa Paraiso is the most popular with naturists.
Cayo Largo hotels are located approximately 10 minutes from the airport.
On the island of Cayo Largo, there are no permanent inhabitants. Local workers work in hotels for a period of 20 consecutive days before returning home to another island, for a 10-day leave.
Cayo Largo is located off the southwest coast of the main island of Cuba (Caribbean Sea side).
All Cayo Largo hotels are all-inclusive, from low budget to standard-medium category, mostly owned by the Cuban group Gran Caribe. Among the choices to be offered, the Pelicano Hotel and the Sol Cayo Largo.
Cayo Largo being a seaside resort, there are mainly hotels and long beaches. There is a small village called 'Isla del Sol' for a few shops, entertainment venues, snack bars, bank, polyclinic and a small museum.
The beaches of Cayo Largo stretch for 25km along the south coast of the island; these are virgin beaches of fine sand, some of which cater to a 'Natural-Friendly' and 'Gay-friendly' clientele
On the island of Cayo Largo, trips are made by taxis, bus, vehicle rental, scooter, 4-wheeler.
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