Travel to Acapulco


Once checked in to the Ritz Acapulco, go out to discover the city built on the Pacific coast. A popular seaside resort continuously growing, Acapulco is located 365 kilometres from Mexico City. Its warm and humid climate, with temperatures between 22° C and 33° C, makes a trip to Acapulco especially enjoyable. The virtually uninterrupted sunshine allows for swimming and sunbathing all year long. The other attraction of the town is its nighttime atmosphere. Finally, for diving, head towards the island of Roqueta and its crystal clear waters. Acapulco, Mexico also offers some special adventures like bungee jumping and skydiving. Between the wonderful sunsets and the tasty local dishes, it is impossible to get bored!  


Near Acapulco, you'll find mountains that belong to the “Sierra” range that create ideal spaces to hike and to really connect with nature.  

Rio Papagayo is located 6 kilometres from Tierra Colorada and 60 kilometres from Acapulco. Before flowing into the Pacific Ocean, this river crosses a canyon with steep, rocky cliffs 60 metres high.  


Acapulco offers perfect beaches as well as big waves that are perfect for this extreme and fascinating sport. For those who are new to surfing, Acapulco also has beaches with more gentle waves where you can safely begin to feel the emotion of riding the waves under a powerful sun.  


The rich underwater life of Acapulco, with its rocks and pinnacles where a wide variety of species hide, makes this destination an ideal place for diving, snorkelling, and even cave diving.

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