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Cozumel lies just twenty kilometres from the resort of Cancun, Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea. Visiting Cozumel is to discover an island of 48 kilometres from north to south and 16 kilometres wide. The vast majority of the island's 77,000 inhabitants live in the city of San Miguel de Cozumel. The rest of the island is covered with dense vegetation, a jungle. The average temperature is 26°C which makes Cozumel a hot and humid climate, receiving abundant summer rains.

An all-inclusive Mexico package allows you to explore its white sand beaches, mangroves, and lagoons. The landscape is also marked by rocky shores. Cozumel is part of the amazing Great Maya Barrier Reef. So, when booking a hotel in Cozumel, don't forget your scuba diving gear. Beginning in the 1960s, Jacques Cousteau widely publicized this area as ideal for diving, which remains the island's main attraction today. Nature in all its biodiversity make Cozumel a beautiful place.

The hotel industry is well developed to welcome tourists. The most well-knownhotels are the Allegro Cozumel, the Occidental Grand Cozumel, Sabor Cozule, the Cozumel Palace, and the Fiesta Americana Cozumel.

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