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The playa Mujeres is located a few kilometers from Cancun in Quintana Roo. It is a highly coveted paradisiacal place for its crystal clear waters.


Also known as the Island of Women, this place is filled with a history mainly based on the Mayan people. These people have indeed lived in this region for many centuries. The playa de Mujeres was discovered by the Spaniards.

During the Mayan era, this place was a place of worship of the goddess of fertility, Ixchel. It was also a place where the faithful went and according to reports, the young girls went there to become women. The Spaniards arrived on the island in the 16th century and colonized it. The many temples and statues of women found there have earned it the name isla mujeres (Island of Women).

In the second half of the 20th century, the place had become a famous tourist spot with its magnificent seabed, white sandy beaches and coral reefs.


The official language in Mexico is Spanish. English is also spoken in some tourist areas of Mexico.

The unavoidable

Here are some places not to be missed during your vacation at playa Mujeres

The playa Norte

This is a magnificent beach with white sand and turquoise water, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. It is in fact the most famous beach on Mujeres Island. Restaurants and bars can be found in the surrounding area.

Garrafon Park

It is a beautiful park offering a wide variety of activities such as cycling, swimming, dolphins, kayaking, etc. Relaxation activities await you.

Dolphin discovery

If you fancy swimming with the island's dolphins and manatees, then this is the place for you. In addition, there is a swimming pool and buffets available.

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