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The Chronicles of our Magic Makers

By Mélanie Lucas - September 20th 2022 

Here is the return of our Magic Creator, Mélanie Lucas, on her stay with Adventures By Disney in Costa Rica. From the outset, let's mention that the promise to "live the adventure" has been more than honored!

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The tour is well thought out for families. We visit many wonderful places, without moving hotels every day... a "plus" for taking full advantage of every place you stay. The course of the week allows you to quickly create links with the other travelers in the group, whether by experimenting with the activities together or by having the possibility of sharing the table during the meals included in the adventure. The presence of two official guides (including a local guide who lives in the region visited) makes the trip unique and personalized. Let's follow Melanie!


The accommodations chosen for this tour were not only comfortable and welcoming, they offered the feeling of coming “home” for a well-deserved rest, every evening after our days full of discovery and emotions! I first stayed at the Marriott Hacienda Belen San José, then at the Arenal Kioro Suite & spa and at the El Mangroove collection by Mariott. What about breathtaking views? Words cannot express the beauty of the lush vegetation, a volcano, the wildlife that I had the privilege of seeing directly from my room and a black sand beach that I was able to walk on!

The activities scheduled for our adventure were simply perfect to give us a great experience, without being overwhelmed by the quantity.

  • A day of rafting at the Sarapiqui River where we celebrated with authentic burritos, later a typical Costa Rican cocktail court at the Arenal Kioro Suite & sap (it was unsurprisingly frankly delicious!).
  • A guided tour of the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge by boat was followed by a hearty dinner at the facilities restaurant. I will remember all my life those Zip line descents at Sky Trek where I flew over the rainforest and enjoyed incredible views of Arenal Volcano (yes I did it despite my fear of heights!). The day ended with a relaxing visit to the Ecotermales Fortuna hot springs where we shared a very pleasant group dinner before returning to the hotel with our hearts filled with pride and magic!
  • A great visit to the Chocolate Rainforest Experience allowed us to have a chocolate and fun experience thanks to our dynamic and genuinely fun guide! The stay ended with a catamaran trip which, although it usually welcomes groups of 100 people, was booked to take our group of 40 people to a dream location for snorkeling! This is also the magic and the difference of Adventures by Disney. Exclusivity and constant attention to the comfort of its guests. It was with plenty of space on this private catamaran that we experienced our last activity together and witnessed a magnificent moment... a whale calf honored us with his presence for a short show, accompanying us on the way to return. I still have shivers !

I am very proud to have jumped out of my comfort zone and to have done the zip line activity! However, it is important to note that alternatives are offered for certain activities, including zip line and rafting in our case. Let yourself be carried away by the adventure and customize a few sections to enjoy it throughout!


Adventures by Disney makes us experience the magic touches that only Disney makes us experience! Among other things, I personally arrived the day before the scheduled day of the tour (for reasons of flight schedule) and Disney welcomed me in advance directly at the airport where I benefited from private transport and even services of a person to take my luggage to the carousel!

I will also give you the example of the day we had a long drive to get to Guanacaste. During an involuntarily prolonged break, the guides took the initiative to take our orders for a refreshing smoothie. Mine was passion fruit… I did not regret my choice!

Another nice surprise moment is when our local guide, during a free period in La Fortuna, made us each pick a hand-painted keychain!

The Chronicles of our Magic Makers Adventures by DisneyImageundefined

We benefited from private transportation for the whole adventure, a large, very comfortable passenger bus. Our suitcases were safe, still managed by the Adventures by Disney team. Our exceptional driver drove our juggernaut through the winding roads of Costa Rica smoothly. He led us everywhere!

Special mention for our guides and all the people who received us for the activities! Their delicate attentions, the passion and the desire to maximize every bit of the adventure (for example, in order to see the fauna, they did not hesitate to search for the animals with their binoculars, stay on site a longer time and even slightly changing course on the catamaran to try and see some sea life) was really appreciated. They also constantly made sure that everyone was well and had enough water and snacks on the bus. In every way, I really felt and experienced how we are in good hands with Adventures by Disney!

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On the morning of departure, there were a lot of emotions and sadness to leave this new travel family that I got to know throughout this stay! The fabulous guides who accompanied us will remain etched in my memory for so long!

It's only a goodbye, we'll meet again soon on a new adventure!


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