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By Isabelle Boivin and Isabelle De Roy - 15 October 2021

Through various surveys, Disney park guests have asked to spend less time planning their trip in advance, to let more room for spontaneity and to have tools facilitating this planning. Disney's answer to these requests is the 'Disney Genie' service. At the same time, a new queue is born: the ‘Lightning Lane (LL)' as the 'FastPass+' service retires. Ended planning 60 days in advance!


What is Disney Genie?

This new service will be integrated into the My Disney application Experience*. The launch is scheduled for October 19.

Some options already present in MDE are transferred to Disney Genie: wait times at attractions, schedules for shows, available restaurants, place a mobile order in the quick service restaurants and access to virtual queues.

The app also gives the availability as well as the status of the ‘waiting list’ for restaurants with table service (if you forgot to make your reservation!). He also allows you to check-in for an existing reservation.


Disney introduces the times estimated wait times for the whole day, per attraction. Help waiting times, you can determine at what time of the day a attraction is less crowded and thus spend less time in lines.


The big addition with 'Disney Genie' is the optimized planning of your day in the parks. We can compare this service to an application of car traffic telling you to avoid certain routes to save time and announces the nearest Tim Hortons. ‘Disney Genie’ analyzes your preferences and desires to provide you with a personalized plan to minimize the time you will spend in queues and maximize the number attractions in a day. The application informs you of all activities that can be done: attraction, show, opportunity to see characters, etc You will first need to select your preferences for type of attraction, your favorite characters, the attractions you want make. The planning service is free and live. It adapts your plan for the day in real time according to the information available. He even suggests a time and place to eat.


'Disney Genie' also brings a new way of dealing with access to attractions for people with special needs (Disability access service program). This is in addition to options already in place for this program. It will now be possible to request in advance the “Disability Pass” by chatting with a Disney staff member. Contact your Magic Maker for more information on this one.



How to use “Lightning Lanes” ?

The other great novelty are the quick queues “Lightning Lane”. The first way to use this service is to book ‘Individual attraction selection’. It is possible to book 2 attractions per person per day. The selection is made one day at a time from the hour opening hours* of the parks. See the table of attractions for more details. This service is compatible with park hopper passes. Residents of Disney hotels will have the advantage of being able to make the reservations from 7AM*. This service is chargeable, per person, per attraction and according to the calendar date. Prices may therefore vary depending on the time and day.



The second way to use 'Lightning Lanes' is to purchase the 'Disney Genie+' service. It costs USD 15* per person, per day and can be purchased for the duration of your stay or one day at a time. This service is very similar to the ‘Max Pass’ which was available at Disneyland before the pandemic. The service allows you to select an 'LL' one attraction at a time, as many times as possible in your day depending on availability. This service is compatible with park hopper passes. The attractions included in this service are different from those available in the ‘Individual attraction selection’. The residents of Disney hotels have the advantage of being able to book their first attraction from 7AM while the others will have to wait to enter the park.  You will have also access to a little more magic with lenses for the characters (a much like the filters on “snapchat” for example) for the photopass as well as audio experiences.


So much more flexibility and a great optimization of your on-site experience.  More spontaneity and less waiting for an even better experience!

When should I choose to add “Disney Genie +” to my reservation?

You will be able to purchase Disney Genie+ during the reservation of your package (or add it if it is already reserved) in order to to be able to use it every park day for all members of the reservation. Otherwise, it will be possible to purchase it every day, from midnight, and pay only for the days you want to add it. 


A friend like that!


Regular queues as well as virtual queues for some attractions remain in place and accessible for all park customers. ‘Disney Genie’ and its various services, free or paid, are optional during your trip. It's like having a specialist personal Disney vacations in your pockets for the most enjoyable stay. simple and magical possible!


That's a lot of new things to absorb in a single reading and that's why you can count on your travel consultant to help you through the planning. More information will be available closer to the launch date of Disney Genie.


Isabelle's word (DeRoy) !

Having tried it in California, I can tell you that it's awesome in every way! And I can guarantee you that after trying it, you won't want to go back!

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* The blog presents only the Walt Disney World section resort in Florida. Some options and prices are different for Disneyland in California. Your magic maker can give you more details.

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