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The Chronicles of our Magic Makers

By Mélanie Lucas - August 9th, 2022

Adventures by Disney - What an adventure!

Have you ever heard of Adventures By Disney?

Here is an overview that will make you dream of this brand new experience!

As you know, Disney is all about attention to detail and customer desires. So when you choose to travel with Adventures By Disney, many benefits are already included in your trip, several meals and excursions/guided tours. Disney has taken care of everything for you.

Everything is done so that you only have to worry about the present moment, the discovery of the country visited, the new and extraordinary things that are available to you during your trip.

Throughout your Adventures by Disney itinerary, you'll stay in a variety of equally beautiful accommodations. Once again, everything will be done to make you feel at home with a little touch of exoticism!

What are the benefits of choosing Adventures by Disney

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Disney images, logos and properties: ©Disney.

  • Two Disney-trained adventure guides
  • Access to private events and exclusive guided tours
  • Access behind the scenes of the adventure
  • Unique cultural experiences with local experts
  • Activities planned for beginner adventurers
  • Special programs in contact with the local community
  • Historical figures, whose stories will transport you to distant times
  • Almost all meals included
  • Surprises
  • Snacks and refreshments en route to tourist destinations

What does Adventures By Disney manage for me?

  • Reception at the airport
  • Transfers to hotels
  • Transportation as part of your trip, such as domestic flights

Who accompanies us during our stay?

One of the advantages of Adventures By Disney is the presence of two guides specially trained by Disney to accompany you throughout your trip. Thanks to their expertise, you will benefit from the story of their adventures and their experience as a globetrotter.

They will also be supported by local experts. With them, you will come into contact with the inhabitants, their culture and their traditions. It will be an immersive journey!

What kind of trip should I expect?

You will not live just a simple trip to admire the landscapes, know that! Adventures By Disney guarantees you an immersion in the heart of traditions, an impregnation of local culture and authenticity. The team of experts who will be with you during your stay will make sure to immerse you in the daily life and the history of the inhabitants and the country visited.

Privileged access you say?

Adventures By Disney is also the opportunity to be able to access places usually restricted to the general public. For example, you can enter the Vatican Museum during a private visit outside its opening hours during the Italian adventure!


Who can take a trip with Adventures by Disney?

Each Adventures By Disney trip offers unique itineraries and has been designed so that each member of your family can fully enjoy the experience. Whether it's so-called "sophisticated" experiences for adults or special activities called Junior Adventurer, nothing has been left to chance!

Adventures by Disney is for everyone!


What types of trips does Adventure by Disney offer?

  • Private trip
  • River cruise
  • Expedition Cruise
  • Adult exclusivity
  • Land adventure
  • Getaway

There is something for all types of travellers!


Here is an overview of the destinations offered:

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Polar Regions

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