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Shopping at Disney!

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It will surely be impossible for you to take a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida without bringing back memories for your family and friends!

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Whether it's Mickey ears, a stuffed animal or a sweater with the image of your favorite character, the choice will be particularly difficult among the many shops in the parks, hotels or at Disney Springs. You will find more than 300 shops on the Walt Disney World Resort site to make your stay even more magical and above all, bring this magic home!

Take advantage of your visit to Disney Springs to discover World of Disney, the largest Disney merchandise store for fans of all ages. At Once Upon a Toy, you relive your childhood with all the Disney toys you dream of, without forgetting the Lego® Store, the new M&M'Sᵐᶜ store or the Coca-Cola Store. Many renowned boutiques such as Colombia, Kiehl's, Oakley, Kate Spade New York, Uniqlo or Lacoste are also found here.

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Each hotel has its own boutique with exclusive content, not to mention the many stores at the theme parks and even at the exit of most attractions. It is therefore important to plan a good budget for the memories of the whole family!

Plus, if you're lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World Resort during a holiday like Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, you can expect even more themed merchandise in the shops. From clothing to accessories, Mickey ears to artwork, celebrate this extraordinary event and bring some of those magical celebrations home.

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Shopping, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida



Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Disney Springs is free and open to everyone.
Walt Disney World Resort buses serve Disney Springs. You can also go there on a friendship boat if you stay in certain Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Consult your Magic Maker to learn more.
The opening hours of shops and restaurants vary throughout the year. Consult your My Disney Experience app or Magic Maker for specific information.
Yes, it is possible to depart from a Walt Disney World Resort theme park directly to Disney Springs, but only from a specific time in the afternoon. Consult your Magic creator to help you plan your moves.
Transport stops after restaurants and shops close. Check the schedule posted at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel for the exact time of day.
Disney Springs is primarily made up of shops (96) and restaurants (68). The Cirque du Soleil also has a performance hall there. Many activities are offered there, for both children and adults. Consult your Magic Maker for Disney Springs must-sees.
You will be able to pay at most restaurants and shops in Disney Springs with your Disney Band EXCEPT at a few small concessions that do not accept it. We advise you to bring cash or your bank card.
During the Christmas festivities, you will have the chance to meet Santa Claus in person as well as marvel at a promenade of Disney-style Christmas trees. Other events take place there, consult your Magic Maker to find out what will take place there during your stay.
Yes, you can park your car for free at Disney Springs.
You will find as many gourmet restaurants as quick service restaurants. Several restaurants have a specific theme that will appeal to the youngest while the show bars and restaurants will delight the older ones.
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