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Antigua is an island in the Caribbean which is the main island of the territory of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua is an Independent State which has been part of the Commonwealth of Nations since November 1, 1981. The island has an area of ​​280 km2 and with a population of 80,161 inhabitants. The capital of Antigua Island is Saint John’s. The island is nicknamed "the island of 365 beaches".

History of the island

It was Christopher Columbus who discovered the island in 1493 and gave the island the name of Antigua, in homage to the Church of Santa Maria La Antigua in Seville. In 1678, the island was colonized by the British. As a result, the cultivation of tobacco and sugarcane developed on the island in addition to the slaves who came from West Africa and transported to the island. Indeed, today, the descendants of these slaves constitute the population of the island.

The economy

Commercially, the island has a shopping center where shops are set up. The shopping center is located in the harbor of Sain John’s. In terms of tourism, with its multiple beaches, the island is very visited by travelers from all over the world for relaxation during vacation periods among others. Moreover, with its cultural richness and its many monuments, Antigue is a real tourist attraction.

Places to visit

When you travel to Antigua, there are some must-see places you can visit due to their cultural and tourist appeal. There is the Antigua Shipyard, for example, which is a port site in English Harbor. It is rich in history. There is also the Dickson Bay, which is ideal for sightseeing and relaxation. A pleasant beach in every way, which is one of the most popular spots on the island. 

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