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Known principally for its canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama is a country in Central America. It neighbours Costa Rica and Colombia, of which it was a constituent part in the period when the Republic of Gran Colombia existed. Panama marks the transition between Central America and South America.

During your trip to Panama, visiting the famous canal is a must. It was conceived as far back as the early 16th century. The idea was to divert shipping routes so that it would no longer be necessary to travel by the dangerous Cape Horn to get to the American Pacific coast from the Atlantic. The Panama Canal was planned later in 1880, under the leadership of French engineer, Ferdinand de Lesseps. It opened in 1914 after the completion of the construction of a network of 77 kilometres of canals.

Panama has many tourist attractions, beginning with the capital, Panama City, and its old town. The architectural heritage from the Spanish colonial period is a marvel to see. The fortifications on the Caribbean coast of San Lorenzo and Portobelo are very much worth the detour.

However, staying in a Panama City hotel is an unforgettable experience. The constantly busy city draws its uniqueness from its cosmopolitan flavour. The bars and restaurants offer opportunities to mix with local people as they go about their daily lives. Take the opportunity to sample the local produce by asking advice from your hosts! Friendliness and hospitality are not just words in Panama. Take a stroll down Casco Viejo Avenue with its trendy shops and treat yourself to a shopping adventure. Do not forget to experience the wonderful ambience of the capital's Metropolitan Park.

Another highlight: nature. Environmental richness and biodiversity are everywhere apparent. Botany and ornithology enthusiasts can develop their skills and knowledge since both the flora and fauna are so rich. The network of hiking trails is another attraction for the more resilient and athletic. The seas invite you to go swimming, from the beaches of the Caribbean to the Pacific waters. Scuba diving will allow you to explore amazing coral reefs while surfing lovers will be in their element in Panama.

Tourism has grown strongly in recent years thanks to the variety of activities available. Hotels have followed suit by providing the comforts and conveniences that foreign tourists expect. Book a Panama resort now through the Lonely Planet Panama.

Enjoy discovering remarkable sites like the island of Taboga with its bright flowers and pelicans. Visit the small town of Boquete, nestled in the heart of a steep valley, the starting point for hiking and horseback riding. Stop at least one day to visit San Blas, an archipelago of no less than 378 islands. This province led by the Kuna Indians is remarkable for its coconut trade and boating. Achutupu, Coco Blanco, and Kagantupu are three of its better-known islands.