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Grenada is an island in the Caribbean Sea. She is known for her Puritan beauty and laid back lifestyle. With its tropical climate, the people of Grenada have a reputation for eating the raw, making the most of it, which has earned the island the nickname "Spice Island".

The discovery of pomegranate

Christopher Columbus first saw Granada in 1498, when it was inhabited by the natives of the Caribbean. First called Concepcion, the country was probably renamed Grenada by the French invaders who pushed back the natives.

Political twists and turns

Grenada is best known for its recent political history. Invaded in 1983 by a joint Caribbean-US military force, the raid was ordered after human rights violations following a military coup assisted by Cuba. The event was the culmination of a volatile political period that lasted four years after the overthrow of the initial democratic government.

Between colonizations and cultural influences

Following the invasion, democracy was reportedly restored to Grenada in the 1984 elections, and the country continues to gain a place on the world stage, both as a political entity and as a popular tourist destination. Prior to independence, Grenada had been a British colony since the eighteenth century. It was first the French who had colonized the island at the beginning of the 18th century, which explains the presence of names in French and French-sounding words in the local dialect.

The unavoidable

Grenada has a rich and diverse culture. Check out the big show at Spice Basket which regularly hosts events showcasing Grenadian art, music and theater. Take a tour of the internal museum which features exhibits reflecting modern Grenadian society, such as its dedicated cricket center. If you have not yet discovered soca and calypso music, this will be the perfect opportunity to. This is music you can experience at many annual carnivals and festivals.

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